Introducing MyPass: Revolutionizing Cash Transactions at Ticket Locations

At KwiqPass, we understand the diverse ways people prefer to access event tickets. To bridge the gap between traditional cash transactions and modern digital convenience, we’ve introduced the MyPass feature. Here’s how it works and why it’s designed to cater to your every ticketing need.

How It Works:

  1. Visit Any Authorized Ticket Location: Head to any authorized ticket location equipped with the MyPass feature. These locations could be physical stores, kiosks, or pop-up booths.

  2. Select Your Tickets: Choose the event and ticket types you wish to purchase. Our friendly staff at the location will guide you through the available options.

  3. Opt for Cash Payment: For those who prefer the ease of cash transactions, simply make your payment at the ticket location. The MyPass feature accommodates traditional payment methods, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

  4. Automatic Ticket Integration: Upon completing the cash transaction, your purchased tickets seamlessly integrate into your KwiqPass account. No need to navigate to a separate section—your event tickets, including MyPass purchases, are all conveniently stored together in your app.

  5. Print Option for Added Convenience: Want a physical copy? MyPass is seamlessly integratable with thermal printers. Print the ticket on the spot, combining the familiarity of paper tickets with the benefits of digital storage.

    Note: Thermal Printer not included; must be purchased separately for integration.

Why MyPass?


  • Flexibility for All: MyPass caters to those who prefer the simplicity of cash transactions while ensuring they enjoy the benefits of digital ticketing.

  • Enhanced Security: Every MyPass transaction is recorded and verified, ensuring the security and legitimacy of your purchased tickets.

  • Streamlined Digital Integration: MyPass effortlessly combines the traditional and the modern, allowing you to manage your tickets digitally after a cash transaction.

  • Print Option for Tangibility: The integration with thermal printers adds an extra layer of convenience, letting you have a physical copy alongside the digital version.

Experience the best of both worlds with MyPass—where cash transactions meet the ease and security of digital ticketing, ensuring everyone can access and enjoy events hassle-free, all within the same familiar location in your KwiqPass app.