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Sell event tickets, collect online payments, and provide secure checkouts for attendees.

How to get started using an event ticketing system


Ticketing your events has never been easier! With KwiqPass, you can create your perfect event listing and go live in just a few simple steps.

  1. Sign up for your free account.
  2. Add your ticket types.
  3. Launch your online ticket sales.
  4. Check in attendees to your event.
  5. Get paid.

Ticket Scanning App

Getting tickets scanned and attendees into your event can be one of the most stressful parts of event management. But with KwiqPass’s industry-leading ticket scanning app, you’ll breeze through ticket scans in record time.

  • Syncs in real time with new ticket sales online

ticket scanning shows up to the minute progress reports,. You can view ticket scans over time and see a summary of all scan progress for any device connected.

Fraud Detection

Catch scammers red-handed with duplicate ticket fraud detection and alerts.

Rest easy knowing our ticket scanning app is equipped with robust fraud detection capabilities. With state-of-the-art technology, we automatically identify duplicate tickets and suspicious activity, helping you maintain the integrity of your event.


Effortless ticket scanning made possible with KwiqPass! Our smartphone app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, utilizing the built-in camera to seamlessly scan tickets and check-in attendees. Say goodbye to bulky scanners – simply use your phone’s camera to streamline the entry process and ensure a smooth event experience for everyone involved.

For smaller, more relaxed entrances, using your phone works perfectly. But for larger events with a need for speed, our Pro Scanners are the ideal solution.

Pro Scanners

Enhance your event with our custom-built Pro Scanners, available for rent or purchase! These high-performance, wireless scanners are mobile phone-based and battery-operated, perfect for quick and efficient ticket scanning. Handle over 1,000 guests per hour per scanner, and easily scan both printed tickets and tickets on mobile phones. Enjoy seamless, no-contact check-ins with our advanced event equipment.

Sell Multiple Ways with KwiqPass

  1. In-App Purchases: Activate tickets on the KwiqPass app, allowing customers to buy tickets themselves directly from their smartphones. This method is convenient and ensures instant ticket delivery to their phones.

  2. Box Office Sales: Set up box office sales managed by you or designated ticket agents. If you prefer to print tickets, you’ll need a printer. However, for digital ticketing, no extra equipment is required other than a PC with internet access.

  3. Agent Sales: Agents can sell tickets using just a PC with internet access, with no need for additional equipment. Customers who want to purchase tickets at the box office can pay with cash or swipe their cards (if the agent accepts card payments). As long as customers are signed up for KwiqPass and provide their email to the agent, they will receive their tickets instantly on their phones.

Event report summary

Gain comprehensive insights into your event with our web-based report summary. Instantly access crucial information such as ticket sales, collected fees, available inventory, total revenue, voids, and breakdowns of add-ons and upgrades. This summary provides a comprehensive snapshot of your event’s performance and can be easily downloaded to Excel for seamless sharing with your team.

Payment Processing

We manage all credit card & Debit Card payment processing on your behalf, securely collecting funds and issuing payouts after your event. Payments are conveniently transferred to you via online transfer. Accepting a wide range of payment methods, including credit cards and local Belize debit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, ensures seamless transactions for your attendees. Bank rates typically range from 5% to 13% depending on the ticket value. By default, customers cover all fees, but you have the option to fully absorb them if preferred.

We handle all credit card payment processing securely through our payment gateway, ensuring that all information is encrypted for maximum security. Rest assured, your attendees’ data is protected throughout the transaction process.


For ticket sales, there is also a fee per ticket, which can be either a percentage or a dollar value. This depends on the agreement between the promoter and KwiqPass and is negotiable between both parties.

The recommended practice is to add the agreed-upon fee (for example, $2) to the ticket price, ensuring that KwiqPass receives its share. This standard practice is common in worldwide events and covers infrastructure, cloud-based services, and security costs.

Ultimately, the specific fee structure is determined through discussion and agreement between KwiqPass and the promoter, ensuring a fair and transparent arrangement for all parties involved.

These fees include:

  • Security technology
  • Payment provider costs
  • Customer services
  • In-App and Social Marketing
  • Websites & apps

It’s important to understand that staying at the forefront of new technology incurs costs. To run a successful platform and offer the best quality and security, these fees are necessary. This practice is common worldwide in all ticketing platforms, ensuring a robust and reliable service.


Additional Features for Organizers:

  • Complimentary Tickets: Distribute complimentary tickets seamlessly through the Back Office.
  • Assigned Seating